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Taking proper care of your teeth and gum is not negotiable. Unless you want to go about with a smelling mouth or mouth odor, you have no option than maintaining a high level of oral hygiene. You can achieve this by regular dental exam and cleaning of your teeth a gums.

For your Dental Exam & Cleaning in Buena Park, St Therese Family Dentistry is the ideal choice. We are the best option for your dental health care. We are recognized for providing outstanding Dental Exam & Cleaning procedures to the residents of Buena Park and neighboring cities.

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What we do - Dental Exam & Cleaning Services

At St Therese Family Dentistry, we are always committed to offering top quality dental exam & cleaning services. Our aim is to ensure that you preserve a high level of dental health care. Our dental exam and cleaning services are all-inclusive. Every issue concerning your oral health will be ironed out. We offer you Professional Dental Cleaning consisting of polishing, hand instruments, and calculus control.

    Hand Instruments

    Our highly experienced team of dental experts make use of special hand instruments to carefully remove plaque, bacterial toxins, food debris, tartar deposits, and so forth from your teeth and root surfaces, leaving you with a clean teeth and gum.

    Calculus Control

    We make us of innovative equipment to thoroughly wash away any calculus or tartar, which must have gathered between your gum and teeth. This the idea method we use to prevent any type of gum disease.


    Furthermore, minor surface stains and plaque will be eliminated by using a polishing plate. The polishing substance contains a small quantity of flavor in them. You will be left with a revitalized and refreshed teeth and gum.

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No matter how much you brush your teeth every day, it will not be enough to achieve first class oral and dental hygiene. You still need to visit a dental care expert for your dental exam & cleaning in Buena Park. In case you will like to know more about our dental exam and cleaning procedures, call us today on 714-994-6911. St Therese Family Dentistry make use of the right equipment, and expertise to offer you with top class dental exam & cleaning services.